Welcome to The Lost Art of Fasting

This is a 5 episode series that you can take, listen to, and apply right now as you look to draw closer to Jesus through the practice of fasting. While this won't teach you all there is to know about fasting (only Jesus can do that), this podcast will help. If you want more assistance, please reach out to via the links on this website, and we can develop something that will get you where you need to be. It’s time to Fast with Authority!

What you can expect to learn

The #1 Reason People Fail in Fasting

If you knew what would make you fail, how confident would you be in succeeding? Discover what not to do to overcome in fasting!


A Step-by-Step Guide to Fasting Well

Most people just fast on their own with no assistance, not even from God. Develop your unique fasting plan here!


The Key to Move from Surviving to Thriving in Fasting

You can fast well! Listen to the podcast to unlock the key to your most Christ honoring fast ever!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is fasting?

Spiritual Fasting is the practice of abstaining from food or drink (biblically) for a specific period of time, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Fasting is circumsicion of the heart, through denial of the flesh.

How can fasting benefit a more health relationship with God?

Fasting shifts our dependency from our natural means to God's spiritual sustainment. When we fast, we allow our bodies to become uncomfortable to give way to God being our comfort. Our physical withdrawing pulls us closer to God, who can fill, revive, and restore us both physically and spiritually. 

Are there different fasting methods?

Yes, there are several fasting methods. Biblically, fasting is from food and water. However, the Lord is more concerned about your heart posture than what you fast from. But unless you are medically unable, it would be highly suggested that we follow what we see in scripture.

What should I do when people around me are eating or I'm offered food?

Depending on your level of experience and maturity in fasting, being around others who are eating could be problematic. Remove yourself from those spaces to honor God. But also, recognize if breaking the fast to honor the Lord through engaging in community is possible. If you are fasting well, you will sense the leaning of the Spirit on which direction to go.

How do I involve my family (kids) in the practice of fasting?

Be open about your fast to your family. Just modeling a consecrated life to the Lord in this way is powerful. Also, having your children purposefully dedicating an hour, 4 hours, or maybe even 12 hours to the Lord is a great way to start them off in the practice of fasting. Ensure to fast alongside them as a way to support them in growing in this practice.

“The Lost Art of Fasting has been a life-changing discovery for me. The podcast content is informative, engaging, and has truly inspired me to incorporate fasting into my everyday life. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their spiritual growth!”

Rick Sarmiento - Pastor

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